About Badges

What is a Digital NL Badge?

When learners sign up for a Digital NL class, group or course, tutors can update progress and keep track of Learning Outcomes achieved in Digital Diaries, with a stamp for each Learning Outcome. Learning Outcomes are linked to the 5 Basic Digital Skills (Managing Information, Transacting, Communicating, Problem Solving and Being Safe Online) as adults in North Lanarkshire are less likely to be proficient in these compared to the average adult in Scotland.

See a 'Digital Diary' below:

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Learning Outcomes in the digital diaries correspond to a Bronze, Silver or Gold 'badge', which can be uploaded here on the website. Learners can then check their progress and share with others, e.g. potential employers, through their own personal profile page.

Find out more about becoming a Digital NL Member on our Corporate page.

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