About Us

Digital NL is a North Lanarkshire-wide initiative which will seek to address issues of digital inclusion through a co-ordinated partnership based approach which maximises and co-ordinates all activities which support access to digital technology.

These include services which provide one or a combination of:

  • Access to digital equipment – hardware and software
  • Formal training in digital technology
  • Staff support and supervision in digital technology

The vision of Digital NL is that:

‘…every individual, family and community in North Lanarkshire has access to - and confidence in using - digital technology to improve the quality of their lives’

This is underpinned by the following partnership ‘success statements’:

  1. We have improved the lives of many people in North Lanarkshire by increasing their use of digital technology.
  2. Support is available and accessible to everyone in North Lanarkshire to increase their skills and their knowledge of digital technology.
  3. Individuals and communities in North Lanarkshire are more confident and connected to digital opportunities, and how these can improve their lives.
  4. No-one in North Lanarkshire is further ‘excluded’ by the increasing use of digital technology.
  5. We work together in partnership to provide the best service to local people and communities, and make the best use of all resources available.
  6. We have a guaranteed and consistent standard of support across all recognised digital inclusion access points.

Our Partners

See what courses are avialble from our partners across North Lanarkshire