What is Digital North Lanarkshire?

Digital NL is a North Lanarkshire-wide initiative which will seek to address issues of digital inclusion through a co-ordinated partnership based approach which maximises and coordinates all activities which support access to digital technology. These include services which provide one or a combination of:

  • access to digital equipment – hardware and software
  • certificated or non-certificated training in digital technology
  • formal or non-formal learning in digital technology
  • staff support and supervision in digital technology

Digital NL is premised on organisations/services formally becoming service delivery members of the brand. This is anticipated to include a wide range of public sector partner services, voluntary and community based initiatives, and potentially private sector provision.

Building the membership

Establishing the Digital NL brand will require considerable and early commitment to membership to build up momentum, and create a critical mass of involvement. This demands the development of a clear statement on the benefits of membership, and the expectations that will be placed on a Digital NL member service. This is detailed in the table below:

Benefits of membership

Expectations of Service Delivery Members

  • Formal recognition and badging as Digital NL service
  • Inclusion of service within Digital NL promotional activities
  • Potential access to funding as a branded Digital NL service
  • Access to information on all other Digital NL services – including the ‘member’s only’ section of the Digital NL website
  • Cross referrals of service users from other Digital NL branded services
  • Access to the provision/capacity of other Digital NL branded services
  • Joint training and development sessions
  • Information and cross referencing of Digital NL service users
  • Support to achieve DNL required quality standards
  • Provide and maintain accurate information on service offer to Digital NL
  • Meet and evidence attainment of Digital NL quality standards
  • Promote Digital NL brand
  • Share service capacity as practical with other Digital NL members
  • Input to ongoing Digital NL development and continuous improvement activities
  • Establish open and accessible inward and onward referral mechanisms with other Digital NL branded services

Digital NL Resources

As part of the Digital NL Project there will be resources available to members of the project. These will include the following resources:

  • 15 iPads & cases
  • 5 Androids & cases
  • Screen protectors
  • Portable chargers
  • Bluetooth keyboards

There will be no cost for the hire of the devices, however certain liabilities will apply.

  • Only members of Digital NL can borrow the devices
  • Devices must be signed out and in by both Digital NL staff and partner agency.
  • All devices must be locked in a secure place.

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